5 reasons why women love Oodle Cars

Research from the UK’s biggest automotive analysis by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) shows that women have become a more powerful and influential segment of the car buying community.  Although female buyers account for about 34% of all car purchases in the traditional dealer environment, overall, they have increased by 21% in the last decade!

So, we know that the motor industry is no longer a man’s world, but research shows that women still feel that it often under-represents and alienates them.

Here at Oodle Cars, we know that female needs are different to male needs when it comes to buying a car, and we pride ourselves in offering the best service we can to suit the customer. 

Looking at the results of the research from the 2019 Women’s Car Buying Report, and our first-hand experience of women coming into Oodle Cars, here are our 5 top reasons why women love Oodle Cars:

1. Sales presentation is the key to final purchases

The research shows female buyers do not want to feel pressured, but instead prefer to be guided to their final choice of car.  They like to feel in control, and not to be made to feel guilty or persuaded into a sale.

Oodle car customer Lizzie said it was a “very easy purchase of the car from start to finish with excellent customer service throughout.  Quick responses to questions, 2 test drives and a very un-pushy sale with key focus on finding the right car for you. I would definitely recommend Oodle cars to my family and friends.”

2. Women will travel outside of their “Home Turf” to purchase a vehicle

Studies shows that women are comfortable driving further distances for something they want, and this is true for buying cars.  Research found that 60% of women buy their vehicle outside of their “home turf.”  

Oodle Cars is based in Abingdon, but in fact only 41% of our sales fall within this geography. We have customers coming to us from across the UK. And we even deliver. The furthest was to Malta! Sadly, we didn’t drive it there.

3. Women use dealer reviews 50% more than men

Reviews are important to customers, as they trust what other people have to say, and their opinions help shape their believes about the company.  

Oodle Cars prides itself on the customer experience, and we have plenty of testimonials on our website and Auto Trader from very happy customers!  Take a look here:

4. Women want good service after they leave the dealership 

Oodle cars strive for quality and this means the customers also have peace of mind when they leave with the full reassurance of a trouble-free driving experience; we include a robust RAC 12 month warranty, 12 month breakdown cover, current MOT and service.

Oodle car customer Melanie was delighted that we threw in extra road-side assistance when she bought her car from us, “most of the parts that ages with time on the car has been changed prior to the sale and a 1-year guarantee/road-side assistance is included (other car seller price this service 900 pounds in addition).”

5. Women want to feel welcomed into the dealership

Creating the right atmosphere where the buyer feels welcome and understood is vital for any car dealership.

Oodle Cars will offer you a friendly service from start to finish.  We have even been known to deliver cars for test drives to your door!  Whatever your needs, we really try to make it happen.

Customer Ellie said of her experience buying with us, “The whole process of buying my lovely Fiesta from Oodle Cars was nothing short of a delight! From the very beginning David was warm, welcoming and highly informative. Throughout the experience I never felt pressured to make a decision and was given space to assess all the information my own time. David provided a great level of communication for the entire duration of the purchase and was more than happy to answer any questions I had. I have now had the car for a week, and it's been an absolute dream. The vehicle has been exactly as described and I couldn't be happier. Thank you David and Oodle Cars for all your help!” 

If you have any questions or queries, please do get in touch here we’d love to hear from you!