AutoTrader Highly Rated Status




We were delighted to be part of a select group of ten companies to take part in the platform’s latest Discovery Day, which was held in Manchester last month.

The invitation came after metrics put us in the top 100 users of the Auto Trader portal, the software through which we and thousands of other dealers market cars and keep in touch with customers.

What does that mean?

It means that, among other things, our advert views are above benchmark, we received and replied to more reviews per car advertised than many of our competitors and our customers spent more time on our adverts.

Since then, the platform has given us a 4.9 rating based on our customer reviews, which puts us in Auto Trader’s “highly rated” category.

Put simply, Auto Trader is confident that we are using their software to full effect, enabling us to offer outstanding customer service every time.  And we couldn’t be happier.

What did we discover?

Attending the Discovery Day was a fantastic opportunity to have open and honest discussions with fellow leaders in the field.

The topics of conversation included the current status of our sector and how we address the current market, as well as ideas around marketing and selling.

We were able to talk about how Auto Trader supports us, suggest possible portal upgrades and get an update on the platform’s internal software development programmes.

It was a genuine exchange of ideas and discussion about our sector, and it was a privilege to take part.

Why does it matter?

Being part of such an elite group of car dealers is exciting for so many reasons, not least because it validates our belief in our pioneering business model.

Oodle Cars was set up in 2017 to mitigate the losses on repossessed cars, which currently account for around 4% of all car finance deals in the UK. Turning the fortunes of neglected and abused cars around, however, isn’t without its challenges.

We entered an already crowded marketplace of more than 13,000 known dealers, mainly dominated by national franchises. It could have been a little overwhelming, but we knew we had something special – because we offer the whole package.

Our quality cars are repaired and restored to showroom condition and come with a full MOT and up-to-date service history, a 12-month RAC warranty and even a year of breakdown cover.

What’s more, we work with each of our customers to offer finance and service that meets their needs and exceeds their expectations.

In short, we offer high-end quality and service, all within the family budget.

Hard work pays off

This accolade from Auto Trader, following hot on the heels of last month’s recognition from the RAC, shows that industry leaders believe in our concept as much as we do.

It’s payback for all the hard work we have put into making Oodle Cars what it is today, but we are not about to rest on our laurels. Rest assured we will continue to strive for awesome with every step.