Choosing an SUV

Power on the roads and comfort in the cab, SUVs are known for luxurious finishes and that all-important high driving position. Now, they don’t have to come with a hefty price tags attached to them, here are the best value SUVs on the market in 2020.

MINI Countryman

A car that is cool and contemporary while boasting all the style of an SUV, the MINI Countryman. Whether you want to opt for hybrid or stick to fuel-power, there are plenty of options in the line up to choose from. Perfect for families, there is plenty of room for camping gear or flatpack furniture. If you don’t want to compromise looks over practicality, the countryman gives you the best of both worlds.

Audi Q2

Slick and suave, as with every Audi that comes out of the factory, the Q2 may be modest in size but is a perfect SUV choice. If you want the latest tech as well as that classic Audi feel, you will feel right at home in the driver seat – or passenger seat! Classy to look at and the lighter design means it is more fun to drive than some of the bigger models. A win all round…

Land Rover Discovery Sport

Now Land Rover may be a name that has picked up an audience of Farmers and Footballers alike, but the Discovery Sport can find a new home with families. It is a slick SUV that boasts tech and comfort as well as a robust frame. It’s available with seven seats too so you can fit all the kids and their necessities without a second thought for space or legroom. With the new models offering USB ports and available in four wheel drive, there is nowhere that this car won’t take you.

Volvo XC40

Like a fine wine, Volvo is a brand that seems to get better with age. Once popular for the older generation and with a reputation for boxy vehicles, the XC40 is a far cry from that aesthetic. As well as being a joy to drive, the interior is packed with practicalities to make your life that little bit easier. Now that, is something we can toast to.

There you have a handful of the best value SUVs for 2020. Whether you want to chat about SUVs, car finance or anything in between, get in touch with a member of the team from Oodle Cars.