Essential Weekly Car Maintenance Checklist

As we emerge from our winter slumber, now is as good a time as any to give our beloved motors a health checkup. Here is our weekly car maintenance checklist to help you keep your car in optimum condition…


Check Your Tyres

While this should be a routine weekly job, sometimes we are all guilty of leaving tyre checks a little too long! Tyres, however, are the only thing that separate us from the road, so it is important for safety that we complete these checks on a regular basis. If you don’t have a pump at home, you can use a local petrol station for a small charge. It is important that you understand how to check car tyres for the safety of yourself and other road users, as well as to avoid potential fines!


Check Your Oil

Oil is the blood of your engine, ensuring that everything performs as it was designed to. With too low or too high oil levels, you risk not only a breakdown but also having to pay for a completely new engine, which is so expensive that drivers often opt for buying a used car instead! Just make sure that when checking your oil, you are parked on a flat surface to get an accurate read.

While you’re checking your oil, it’s a good idea to check your other car fluids as well. Brake fluid, coolant and washer fluid levels are easy to check and can save you a lot of problems in the long run.

Remember, NEVER remove the radiator cap to check your coolant as you risk getting scalded. A visual check is all that’s needed.


The Smaller Jobs

While you’ve got the time, we recommend completing the small checks that often seem like “do it another day” jobs! If your windows streak during the rain, it’s probably time to change your wiper blades. Give your car a thorough clean inside, getting rid of any unneeded items (unnecessary weight will make your car run less efficiently) and consider giving the exterior a good clean too; any dirt left on the paintwork for long periods can cause rusting or long-term damage. Completing small, daily maintenance checks of your car can make a huge difference to its overall condition.


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