Most Reliable Small Cars

Small cars have seen a boom in popularity in recent years, thanks to the demands of city driving and the level of versatility that smaller vehicles can provide. Here, we look at some of the most reliable small cars currently available…


Volkswagen Polo

No “small cars” list would be complete without an entry from this German giant. Renowned for both practicality and reliability, the Volkswagen Polo is a fantastic small car. With a rigid build structure that is packed full of safety features, the Polo feels incredibly sturdy and secure to drive, with ample boot space and clever storage options to make long-distance journeys with the family a pleasure. A mid-level price label is certainly worth it with the Polo, as you feel a touch of class in the bespoke interior features.


Seat Ibiza

If you want a reliable small car that packs a sporty, powerful punch then the Seat Ibiza might just be the car you have been dreaming of. A distinctive body and stylish interior are complimented by a wonderfully performing engine, rewarding the driver with an all-round pleasing drive. The suspension is firm enough so that you don’t lean too much during tight corners and sporty seats add a quality touch of comfort.


Ford Fiesta

Certainly no stranger to city streets, the Ford Fiesta is the most popular car on UK roads and it is clear to see why. A reliable engine that offers not only a smooth ride but also very respectable fuel efficiency, this is a small car that is very unlikely to let you down. Thankfully, if it ever should, you will be pleased to know that repairing it should be cheap, thanks to the availability of service parts. Whether you are a new driver or a small family, the Ford Fiesta is likely to please.


Small cars are an excellent choice of vehicle, offering a fun and rewarding driving experience that is coupled with a sense of practicality and reliability. If you are looking for a reliable small car at an affordable price, contact the team at Oodle Cars today.