Oodle Cars: Your Trusted Online Used Car Partner

Trust. It has been described as ‘the glue of life’ and it’s widely acknowledged that if people trust you, they’re happy to do business with you. But trust is hard won and easily lost. That’s why it means so much to us that our quality used car business is built on a solid foundation of trust. 

We don’t say this lightly. A recent Auto Trader survey with more than 3,000 respondents found car dealerships to be the least trusted of 13 types of company in the eyes of the consumer. The conclusion is that our industry is failing car buyers, and we are troubled by this possibility. 

Fortunately, three years after launching Oodle Cars, we can say with complete confidence that consumers can trust us, our cars and the package we offer. 

Trust Us

There are three key reasons why customers can trust us at Oodle Cars as a used car retailer, as follows.

High quality customer reviews

From the 117 reviews recorded at the end of June 2020 105 are rated 5 star and on the Auto Trader platform we have received an impressive rating of 4.9 stars overall. A recent customer review concluded: “If you are looking for a trustworthy hassle-free dealer this is the one for you.” We are proud of the quality of our verified online reviews which demonstrate the trust our customers have in us. 

Trusted partners of the RAC and Auto Trader

Oodle Cars is endorsed by, and affiliated with, the RAC. This is based on our ability to consistently deliver quality used cars for retail. We have also been awarded the RAC Certificate of Approval and RAC Approved Dealer Status.

Furthermore, Auto Trader has awarded us Highly Rated Status. This confirms that we’re in the top 100 users of its dealer portal and are using its software to full effect for the benefit of customers.
This is good news for our customers because it means, among other things, that our presentations are to a high standard and truly reflect the status of the car and that customers can always be sure of receiving outstanding customer service from Oodle Cars.



Well-respected sales team based at our dealership

Although we increasingly sell our cars online, we have a car dealership where customers can have face-to-face interaction with our team of used car experts. We understand the value of personal contact and being able to touch, feel and test drive before you buy. This is backed up by a 2019 Auto Trader market report which found that most people still value human interaction of some kind during the car buying process. It's a key part of building trust in the seller and gaining confidence that they've made the right decision. 

Trust Our Cars

Consumers can Trust our Cars because we offer assured quality at market leading prices, and there is absolute transparency in the way our vehicles are displayed, both online and in the showroom. This is a fact also supported by our impressive online reviews.

A 2019 Auto Trader Car Buyers Report states: ‘One in five car buyers are worried about encountering unexpected costs, jargon or being confronted by too many deals.’ This shows that there is a lack of consumer trust in the car buying process and the sales packages on offer. Our trusted Oodle Car Care Plan is, however, worry-free.

Oodle Car Care Plan

We give customers the reassurance of 12 month’s trouble-free driving experience through our extensive Oodle Car Care Plan. The plan includes a comprehensive 82-point RAC Preparation Standard Checklist which enables us to offer a comprehensive 12-month RAC warranty and breakdown cover. Each car has a current MOT and appropriate service by our RAC garage partner. There are no hidden costs or complex deals, just total transparency for peace of mind motoring, and our cars are ready for delivery, or to drive away.

Trust The Package

Customers can be assured and Trust the Package for three good reasons:

Assured quality at market leading prices

Oodle Cars has a strong ethos of quality, excellence and financial integrity. Our market leading prices are based on daily market statistics and price positioning, and we set non-negotiable prices for our sales packages. It is known that consumers want to see the car buying process change, and for dealers to put them before profit. With this in mind, we pride ourselves on being completely transparent and giving consumers what they need to make informed car buying choices, without being pressured into buying. 

Impressive online reviews

Our online reviews elicit trust in our cars. According to research by car video company, CitNOW, more than 92% of 1000 consumers polled said they read online reviews before committing to a purchase online. And 80% admitted that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. We’re happy that our online reviews speak for themselves and are a stamp of trust for Oodle Cars.

Finance packages you won’t get elsewhere 

The Oodle Car Care Plan ensures we can offer Oodle Finance tailored to your individual circumstances. We are part of the national award-winning car finance company Oodle Car Finance and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Car finance is readily available within minutes (subject to status), enabling you to drive away with the car of your choice with finance suited to your personal budget. 

As other online used car retailers enter the market, we are confident that Oodle Cars will continue to stand out because of the trust we engender in consumers. They trust our proven track record and trust that we constantly reach for quality and excellence. 

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