Our guide to checking your car tyres

Required for safety certainly, but your tyres are also a legal requirement! If your tyres are too worn, you could be facing three penalty points and a £2,500 fine, per tyre. Here’s our guide to checking your tyres so you don’t get caught short.

The weather in the UK is unpredictable but often rainy, so it is important to check your treads every two to four weeks, if you are not sure how to do this, we have put together a short guide for you. 

It is worth noting that your tyre treads should be no less than 1.6 mm and if they are somewhere between 3 mm and 1.6 mm it is worth getting them changed before they are too worn down. 

You can conduct a visual check of your tyres but to the untrained eye, this may not be enough. You can get a tyre gauge or opt for the 20 pence piece method. 

The 20 pence piece method is a great way to check your tyre treads before heading off to the garage. Take a 20 pence piece and insert it into the groove of your tyre. If your tread is thick enough, you shouldn’t be able to see the outer rim of the coin. If the outer rim is visible, it is time to get yourself a new set of wheels. 

This check should be conducted on the most worn part of your tyre and on all four tyres as wear and tear can affect each one differently. If you are unclear or unsure, it is best to get them checked by a professional and you are more than welcome to visit our team. 

This is a guide on how to check your tyres, if you are unsure it is always best to seek the help of a professional. 

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