The best attractions in Oxford

The city of Oxford has a proud and vibrant history in central Southern England. It’s home to the world renowned Oxford University as well as a range of quality used cars!

Pendon Museum

A trip to Oxford wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Pendon Museum. With the use of dioramas, featuring railways, villages and landscapes, this museum gives you a glimpse of rural life around 1930. A selection of modelling workshops are also available to help everyone, from novices to experts, master their technique in all disciplines of modelling! Audio guides are available to ensure you don’t miss any points of interest on your tour and there are a number of trails to follow as a family that help children understand more about life in that era.

Oxford Botanic Gardens

The Oxford Botanic Garden is the oldest in the UK, boasting nearly 6000 different types of plants. The Garden is a year round attraction and no two trips will ever be the same! Harcourt Arboretum (acquired by the University in 1947) contains some of the finest conifer collections in the UK set within 130 acres of historic Picturesque landscape. There are plenty of activities throughout the year to keep the whole family entertained, from guided tours to specialist workshops for any budding gardeners!

Natural History Museum

Oxford University Museum of Natural History was founded in 1860, and today it holds an internationally-significant collection of natural history specimens and archives. The award-winning museum continues to be a place of scientific research and plays host to a range of programmes and events for the public and school groups. The museum boasts over 750,000 visitors every year and is the second most visited University museum in the world!

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