The Hidden Costs of Motoring

It’s no secret that cars are one of the larger purchases you make in life, but the expense doesn’t stop once you buy the vehicle. It’s important to factor in the full running costs of a car when deciding on your next car purchase. Here at Oodle Cars, we’ve put together a guide to some of the hidden costs of motoring you’ll need to consider. 


Fuel is probably the most obvious cost associated with running a vehicle. The costs of fuel, such as petrol and diesel vary across the country and fluctuate with oil prices. People roughly spend around £88 a month on fuelling their vehicle. Obviously, some vehicles are more economical that others. Hybrids are a good example of this, or you could consider the savings associated with switching to an electric vehicle. 

How we drive and the engine size of our car affects our fuel consumption. Also noteworthy is that the wrong tyre pressure can also affect how much fuel the car guzzles.

Car Insurance

After the initial sale of the vehicle, the next biggest cost to consider is your annual insurance premium. The cost of car insurance is affected by many factors such as where you live, your driving experience, claims history and the vehicle itself. 

Shopping around is the best way to keep the cost of your cover down. Price comparison sites can help, but you may not always get the cheapest deal. So, before you accept your renewal price, always get some more quotes first. 


Regular servicing of your car is recommended to keep it operating at its optimal performance and avoid unnecessary wear of parts. Servicing comes in different levels, which usually run on recommended schedules. This levels vary by each car manufacturer. Some performance models and premium manufacturers recommend a more in-depth serving schedule for their cars. 

During the service, things like fluids and belts are checked and changed, as well as other systems such as the air conditioning, brakes and even extras like the heated seats. Servicing your car may seem like another added expense, but failing to do so, could end up costing you more in expensive repairs in the long run. Don’t forget when you buy a car from Oodle Cars, it comes with a current MOT, 12-month RAC warranty as well as full service for added peace of mind. 


The annual MOT test ensures a vehicle is safe and roadworthy. Many elements are assessed during the test such as the tyres, suspension, lights, brakes, exhaust etc. 

All cars over three years old are required to be tested annually and the average cost of a MOT for a car is £55. It’s worth shopping around or looking for combined servicing and MOT deals as they can save you money. 

At Oodle Cars, all our vehicles undergo a rigorous RAC 82-point testing procedure before we sell them to you. We also include a 12-month MOT, meaning you can always trust us to deliver only quality used cars. 

Car Tax

Car tax is payable to the DVLA and may sometimes feel a little confusing, so it can be useful to check the costs of a vehicles road tax before making a purchase. You must ensure you have paid DVLA the appropriate fee before you drive the car. 

For cars registered between March 2001 and April 2017, car tax is based on CO2 emissions; the lower these emissions, the less the road tax costs. The rates are split into bands, with cars emitting less than 100g/km of CO2 being free, to cars over 255g/km coming in at a hefty £570 per year. 

Cars registered before March 2001 are divided in to two categories by engine size. Cars below 1549cc are £160 for 12 months, and cars over 1549cc are £265 per year. 

New cars are the most complicated. Cars registered after April 2017 are calculated as follows:

  1. In the car’s first year rates are based on CO2 emissions
  2. After the first-year cars that cost less than £40,000 are charged based on CO2 emissions and fuel type. 
  3. Cars that cost more than £40,000 new pay an additional £320 for five years. You can get a full breakdown here. 


The average cost of vehicle repairs is around £220 a year. Repairs can be an unforeseen expense, as owners don’t see them coming. Some smaller things such as tyre or battery replacements are the most common. But cars are complicated machines, with many things that can go wrong. Regular servicing will help to spot problems and prevent them from occurring. Don’t forget, the Oodle Cars Care Plan offers peace of mind. With our 12-month RAC warranty and breakdown cover as standard, you can trust us to deliver only the best quality used cars. 


It’s not something that the majority of us think about when we buy a car, but depreciation can often be the biggest financial loss when owning a car. Driving a brand-new vehicle off the forecourt causes it to depreciate, which can be up to a 40% drop in value in its first year. In the first five years of its life a car generally loses 60% of its purchase value

Regular maintenance and servicing with receipts to prove how well a car’s been looked after can help to keep some of the value of a vehicle. 


There’s a lot to think about when purchasing your next car and at Oodle Cars we are committed to providing peace of mind motoring. All our used cars come with our Oodle Car Care Package, meaning you drive away with a RAC assured quality used car that has been fully inspected and serviced, with a complimentary current MOT and 12-month warranty. Combined with our dedicated after-sales customer service, you can always trust us to deliver.