Tips for women when buying a car

Women Buying Cars

We find that most women dread the car buying experience. In a survey we conducted recently less than a third said that they felt comfortable buying a car without support. That leaves over two thirds of women looking for greater understanding or comfort when buying their next car.

We don’t buy cars every day and so we understand that there will be questions such as “What if I pay more than it is worth?” and “How do I know if the car is safe and fit for purpose?”. Many of us have the innate anxiety that they are making the right purchasing decision.

We often hear stories in particular that women may be patronised, the car dealer talks to the husband and not them, and of course the biggest concern is being ripped off.

So at Oodle cars we decided to tackle this head on. We want to educate and empower our buyers so they are 100% comfortable with their car purchase.

When was the last time you saw a female car dealer? In our survey 41% of respondents said that they wanted to see more female dealers. But in the absence of this we are going to ensure that every person gets the same respect and treatment from us.

 So here are a few quick tips to help you navigate the car buying purchase and make that moment exciting not ridden with anxiety.

Firstly, make sure you have researched your car preferences -be informed.

Decide what fits your requirements and your budget. The internet is stacked with endless information so just get online, read magazines and reviews, then decide what car you want, perhaps even research what finance you could have before you visit the dealer. We have an online soft search (it doesn’t hit your credit score!) wher we can tell you how much you could borrow – visit our website at

Next think think about your lifestyle, your driving habits, and narrow your search to cars that fit your needs. Importantly match the car cost and don’t forget about the car running costs and make sure the total cost fits your family budget. DON’T go for the very attractive upsell – you may not be able to afford longer term.

Once you get to the car dealer let the salesman know straight away that you know your car choices. Learn about your chosen cars. After a little research you should now be a little more sure about what car you would like and what is affordable.

All cars have “lovely” features, but what benefits does it provide – will the boot take your golf clubs, the kids’ push chair, do the seats provide adequate leg room for long journeys, or will the car play your latest Spotify tracks?  Make a list of all the features that you like and how they benefit your lifestyle. With a quality used car there will always be compromises to be made.

One final point is check that you have the benefit of a meaningful warranty as not all dealers provide these. Of course at Oodle Cars we provide a 12 month warranty on every car we sell and with an RAC 82 point check we can give you peace of mind that nothing will go wrong as you leave the forecourt that could lead to you racking up some considerable bills.

Third, don’t be afraid to negotiate learn how to negotiate effectively. To achieve the best possible price you must negotiate. But this isn’t always price based. Many good dealers wont overprice a car but they may do if there is good reason. So be sure to ask about  when the car is due a service or MOT, will you need to buy media cards to work the stereo system? Is the interior marked or soiled? Are the alloy wheels scuffed or is the mileage higher than you wanted?

These are factual issues that will cost money in the short term and can be used to negotiate on price. A compromise on colour, cup holders, and subjective issues do not warrant a discount unless the dealer is keen to sell to meet his budget – test the water, but don’t compromise your credibility.

But one tip we really want you to learn quickly is don’t negotiate price based on monthly payments. Agree your price BEFORE you discuss finance or you will lose the high ground on which you have placed yourself.

And lastly, if you are not receiving the service you feel you need then find another dealership.

Don’t feel that you cant say no.

For an informal and comfortable experience why not visit Oodle Cars? We put all this into practice and put you in the driving seat when buying your car.