Volvo S90 Review

If you’re considering buying one of our used Volvo S90 cars, read our review to find out more…

Since Volvo were acquired by Geely, their model range has taken a huge step forward in terms of quality and desirability. The S90 offers a brand-new take on the traditional big saloon that has represented the company’s lifeblood for decades.

The biggest question surrounding the Volvo S90 is whether it can be a threat to the German dominance of the executive market. In many ways it can. While the big Swede may not be the most dynamically thrilling vehicle, it instead offers a comfortable, relaxing and well packaged car; perfectly suited to motorway cruising.

Adaptive dampers are equipped as standard, as are a plethora of safety items, including auto-stop City Safety (featuring a claimed world first in large animal detection), Pilot Assist (semi-autonomous cruise control) and Run-off Road Protection, which attempts to mitigate injuries involved during an unexpected exit from the tarmac.

Inside, the dashboard is dominated by a large Tesla-esque portrait touchscreen. The system reduces the need for physical switchgear elsewhere and declutters the cabin. Important features like the drive mode selector and music controls can still be operated via physical controls; minimising the time you have to take your eyes away from the road.

Acceleration is provided accessibly, smoothly and with good response throughout the rev range. A typical modern twin-turbocharged four-cylinder diesel’s capacity to come up with big torque at low revs makes the car increase and maintain speed easily, cruise effortlessly and cover distance efficiently. A soft brake pedal may not sound appealing, but its progressive nature allows you to bring the car to a smooth stop every time.

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