We Rebranded!

As we launch our new brand this week, we wanted to share the excitement and provide a little insight into why we felt it appropriate. We have 4 simple reasons.

1. We changed our business strategy.

When your business model or business strategy changes, your brand needs to change along with it. We are about to embark on a new phase of our business, and we want to ensure we represent the values we hold true. The way we behave is what we believe makes us truly unique as a used car retailer. We know that it is people that make us who we are. We thrive on personal relationships and know that nothing can replace the power of personal connection. We have never lost sight of the fact that we are a human business and we want our brand to reflect this.

2. We changed our Brand Vision.

When your vision changes, your brand needs to match up to that vision. Truthfully, the Brand Vision that was created when we started 3 years ago is no longer relevant or applicable to who we are today.

When you visit our website now, you will see that our new tagline is “Enjoy the Journey”. This statement is more than a tagline. It’s a vision we see for the customers that we serve. We want you to enjoy the journey in your new wheels, restful that there will be no additional hidden costs. We offer hassle. and stress free, cars.
It isn’t just about the cars though. We know that buying a car is stressful, time consuming and painful at times. Our mission is to cut out all of this and replace it with nothing short of awesome. That’s what we do. We create awesome. From the moment you find an Oodle Car, through the entire purchase process, we will never stop trying to go above and beyond. 

That’s our brand promise – we understand that when you create a brand that people LOVE, everything else will follow.

3. We knew our Visual Identity needed some love.

Well, there was a bit more strategic thought that went into the look and feel of our new brand. But, besides feeling the visuals were becoming a bit outdated, and a tad (dare we say it) boring, our images just didn’t represent you, your families, our diverse customers and our quality range of cars. 
We want to have true, meaningful relationships with the people we LOVE to work with and we need to communicate this through our brand and everything around it.

4. We wanted to be perceived as more than just a used car retailer.

The term “dealer” was limiting for us because the reality is we do so much more than just sell cars. In practice, we act as a trusted partner for our customers. Yes, we do sell cars, but we also are obsessive about considering you and your needs. We ensure every car comes with robust warranties, service and full valets (including full sanitisation). We even deliver it to your home if you need us to. You don’t even have to visit our showroom  - you can enjoy the journey online. We don’t sell cars – we provide an experience.


There you have it! In a nutshell, we weren’t IN LOVE with our old brand anymore. Sometimes, you just need to fall IN LOVE with your brand all over again. And, other times, you simply just need to rebrand, so you can fall in love with a new brand.

We hope you love it like we do. Enjoy the journey!