Why gaining Auto Trader Highly Rated Status matters

Hot on the heels of receiving the RAC’s Certificate of Approval and RAC Approved Dealer status, we are thrilled to have been awarded Auto Trader Highly Rated Status too. Exciting as this is for us, it’s also great news for our customers. Why? Because it means you can always be sure of receiving outstanding customer service from Oodle Cars, which is our top priority.

What does it mean to have Auto Trader Highly Rated Status?

Having Auto Trader Highly Rated Status confirms that we’re in the top 100 users of its portal; the software through which we, and thousands of other dealers, market cars and keep in touch with our customers. It shows that Auto Trader is confident that we’re using its software to full effect and it is backed up by our high AutoTrader rating of 4.9 which is based on customer reviews.

We were also honoured to be one of just ten Highly Rated Status companies to be invited to take part in the Auto Trader Portal Discovery Day. Held in Manchester, this event was a fantastic opportunity to have open and honest discussions with fellow leaders in the approved used car field. It was a privilege to take part in a genuine exchange of information and ideas.

Why does it matter?

Being part of this elite group of car dealers is exciting for many reasons; not least because it validates our belief in our pioneering business model. This enables us to offer you the very best quality and service, all within the family budget.

To give you some background, Oodle Cars was set up in 2017 to challenge the existing market by turning previously owned cars into retail quality used cars. We entered an already crowded marketplace of more than 13,000 known dealers, mainly dominated by national franchises. It could have been a little overwhelming, but we knew we had something special because we offer the complete package.

Our quality cars are repaired and restored to showroom condition and come with a full MOT and up-to-date service history, a 12-month RAC warranty and a year’s breakdown cover. What’s more, we work with you, our valued customers, to offer reliable, roadworthy cars with finance and service that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

This accolade from Auto Trader is further proof that industry leaders believe in our concept as much as we do. It’s validation for all the hard work we have put into making Oodle Cars what it is today. But don’t worry, we won’t rest on our laurels. You can rest assured that we’ll continue to strive for brilliance every step of the way!

For more information about Oodle Cars or to speak to a member of our team, email us or call 01865 475045.