Oodle Car Care Plan

Here at Oodle Cars, we understand the importance of quality when it comes to purchasing a used car. We want our customers to enjoy the very best vehicles possible, which is why we have created our Oodle Cars Care Plan. This unique service has been designed to meet every requirement of a roadworthy vehicle, providing you with an affordable, high-quality used car.

The Oodle Cars Care Plan

Our goal has always been to provide our customers with the very best used cars. To ensure that we do this, each vehicle undergoes an in-depth check, making sure that it meets all required road-worthy necessities, giving you complete peace of mind.

The eight steps in our Oodle Cars Care Plan

  1. Rigorous testing

    The first step undertaken is an in-depth and thorough test for any vehicle that we sell. We conduct a "road and ramp" test, allowing us to identify any problems in a real-world scenario. We examine and identify any common issues, such as handling issues or unusual noises. We also undertake a full inspection of every critical part of the vehicle, including the underside of the car.

  2. RAC 82-point Preparation Checklist

    Once the vehicle has undergone our rigorous testing program, and any issues identified, we then ensure the car meets, and passes, the RAC 82-point Approved Vehicle Preparation Standard.

    This standard was created to guarantee that every car that passes through an RAC Approved Dealership meets a consistent minimum standard. This highly in-depth checklist includes VIN inspection and a comprehensive vehicle MOT history report

  3. Service

    Every vehicle also undergoes a complete service, ensuring there are no signs of general wear and tear that could cause our customers problems. Our Oodle Car service will check and adjust a range of areas, including, but not exclusive to:

    • Engine and Oil Changes
    • Lights, tyres, exhausts and brake checks
    • Engine performance
    • Cooling Systems
    • Suspension checks
    • Steering alignment
    • Battery performance.
  4. MOT

    For vehicles where it is required, each of our used cars will undergo an MOT test to check it meets the necessary standards to make it roadworthy. During this test, the vehicle undergoes a number of checks, including the brakes, bodywork, doors, exhaust and emissions, horns, lights, steering, and safety features. Should any of our used cars fail, they are repaired to ensure they pass.

  5. Bodyshop

    Oodle Cars believes that all used cars should look as good as new, which is why our expert Bodyshop inspectors carry out a thorough check of the bodywork for each vehicle we sell. They note every single blemish, repairing them where possible to ensure that you are able to enjoy the highest quality of bodywork and your used car looks as good as it drives!

  6. Warranty

    Our goal is always to give our customers the very best car buying experience. Alongside our thorough and in-depth checks and repairs, we want to guarantee that our customers can enjoy complete peace of mind. This is why every single one of our used cars is provided with a 12-month RAC warranty and a 12-month breakdown cover for their vehicle.

    This means that you will be protected for a full year from the moment we deliver your new vehicle.

  7. Car Valet and Sanitising

    Nothing quite beats that new car feeling, which is why we ensure our used cars undergo a full valet. This is carried out by our proven national car valet partners, who will guarantee that your new vehicle will be left sparkling clean.

    Not only does our team ensure the exterior of your vehicle is completely clean and polished to the highest possible standard, it includes a full sanitisation of the inside and external touchpoints, guaranteeing a safe and clean car ready for your next adventure.

  8. Oodle Finance

    Purchasing a used vehicle is a significant expense, and we understand that everyone's circumstances are different. That is why, if required, we can provide our customers with a fully personalised finance opportunity as part of our Oodle Car Care Plan, giving them an affordable solution that is tailored to their needs.

So if you are in the market for a used vehicle, get in touch with the Oodle Cars team today. We guarantee to provide the very best service possible, giving our customers peace of mind that their used car is as good as new.

We want you to enjoy the journey!

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  • The easiest experience of buying a car I have ever had Dan and Tracey was very helpful 👍👍
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